01. Is there God?

Newton once created a model system of the sun and the various planets rotating around it. One of his friends praised the model and asked Newton who made it? To this Newton replied, ‘No one.” The friend objected to this and said how that could be possible. At this, Newton pointed to the skies and said, “When I show you the real universe, the sun and the stars and the planets and say that someone made these, you say that no one made these. But when you see this tiny model of the planetary system you insist that someone made this.” Thus Newton pointed out to his atheistic friend that someone made all this. Everyone and everything has a creator. Things do not create themselves. It requires intelligence to design and create and intelligence pertains to a conscious person. Science and philosophy mean that there is a reason for everything including creation which implies a creator. When we see a painting we know someone painted it though we may not know who the painter is and we may not have seen him painting it. If we look at the flowers we can therefore say that someone created and painted them. Krishna’s consciousness God’s consciousness is at work everywhere and his work is proof of his existence though we cannot see him directly because of our limited vision. We may not be able to see him with our eyes but we can understand his existence with our intelligence. All around us we can see his creation in the form of the universe, the fruits, the vegetables, the birds, beasts, mankind and so many other species of life. If we just examine the variety of fruits such as orange, mango, pomegranate, pineapple, peach, banana, strawberry, cherry, coconut, grapes etc. and look at the various dry fruits such as almond, cashew nut, pistachio, peanut we can appreciate the mystic power and intelligence of Krishna God . He has created these wonderful fruits and nuts and shaped them up so nicely. Or shall we deny him and say that no one created all this! Yet if someone makes an artificial model of a cherry, banana or an orange we would not believe that it got created by itself. Similarly the variety of voices produced by various species such as the birds, beasts and humans is fascinating. The cuckoo bird sings; the lions roar and the humans speak in a wide repertoire of ways. Someone has obviously designed and created this immense variety of voice instruments, the vocal chords of various species. If we examine how the embryo in the womb of a mother grows to become a baby we can appreciate the ingenuity of the designer. The mother does not know how the baby is growing. The mechanical arrangement of the genetic code etc. is not sufficient in itself. The growth of the baby requires the presence of a conscious supervisor who imposes his laws on the mechanical arrangement. If we observe how a cow eats grass and produces milk we can appreciate this wonder. The cow does not know how she produces milk. Everything in nature indicates the presence of an all pervading consciousness. Einstein therefore remarked that by studying science he could appreciate the existence of a supreme intelligence in the face of which we must feel humble. The creation, order and management of the universe and all the wondrous things in it point to the existence of a supremely intelligent being. If we examine any organ of ours such as our eyes we can understand how wonderful and intricate is the design of this auto-camera, the eye, or are we to say that our eyes were not designed or created by anyone. That they just evolved on their own because Darwin says so! It is a pity that such blind faith as the dogma of evolution which is contrary to reason is passed off as a scientific theory.

This article is part of the book “The Meaning of Life” by  Vimal Sehgal

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