02. Srimati Radharani’s moods

The three moods of Rädhäräëé are like three streams of nectar joined forever in a circular dance of Añöa-käla-lélä …like a fathomless whirlpool of sweetness in the heart of the ocean of prema, churning and spreading all over the world the essence of love with utmost intensity.

The Original Sambandha-Abhidheya-Prayojana

In this chapter, there will be no attempt to discuss intimate rasas. Lélä will be quoted as it is viewed and experienced by Viçvanätha Cakravärté Öhäkura (rendered by H.H.Mahänidhi Svämé) with one single purpose: to make obvious the source of these three all-pervasive aspects of existence. Their origin is the highest reality…the topmost pastimes of Rädhä and Kåñëa-candra in Våndävana.


“By the time You arrive home in the late afternoon You will be burning in the fire of separation from Kåñëa. I will lay You down on a cooling bed of fresh flowers to relieve You from this painful condition. But within a few minutes the bed will become too hot due to the intense heat of Your body. Then I will anoint Your body with cooling camphor and sandalwood paste, and lay You down on an even more cooling bed made from the wet stems of lotus flowers. Hey, Radhe! You will find relief when Candankala-sakhi arrives from Kåñëa’s house with the news of Yasoda request for You to prepare sweets for Kåñëa’s evening meal.”



“I will clean Your stove with fresh cow dung. Supply a clean frying pan, and help keep the fire going as You cook. I will also help You prepare laddus, karpura keli, and other sweets by supplying ghee, water, camphor molasses, bananas, black pepper, ground coconut, wheat flour, and other ingredients. Joking with you I will say, “Hey, Radhe, when I tried to relieve the painful heat of Your separation from Kåñëa by applying cooling candana and camphor, You became even hotter. But just see how the fire of separation has been extinguished by the cooking fire You are using to make His sweets.”



“A short time later I will make you drink the nectar of the sweet news of Kåñëa’s return from the cow pastures, gostha. I will say, “Hey Radhe, hearing the mooing of the cows and seeing the sky darkened from the dust raised by their hoofs indicates that Kåñëa’s cows are approaching.” You will immediately drop Your work and come with me to the edge of the forest to see Kåñëa as He passes by on His way to Nandagrama with His cows and cowherd boys.

To extinguish Your fire of separation I will bring You and Your sakhis to the side of the path on which Kåñëa is passing. When Kåñëa comes, He will momentarily hide Himself in a kunja.

I will make You angry with me by pulling You into the same flower kunja. Thus I will remove the intense pain of Your separation from Your beloved Syama. I will invite the bees of Kåñëa’s eyes to drink the honey from the blossoming lotus flower of Your beautiful face. And I will make Your cakori eyes drink the nectar from the glowing moon of Kåñëa’s beautiful face.

In this way I will submerge You in the ocean of Kåñëa’s sweetness,and thus bring You back to life.”


The same Aparanna-lélä in brief:

“In the afternoon….in the mood of separation… contemplation on Kåñëa” — Sambandha

“I will clean Your stove and help You prepare ladhus and other sweets…the fire of separation has been extinguished by the cooking fire You are using to make His sweets” — Abhidheya

“Then….you will immediately drop your work and come to the edge of the forest…I will make you angry with me by pulling You into the same flower kunja…will make Your cakori eyes drink the nectar of the glowing moon of Kåñëa’s beautiful face…and thus bring You back to life” — Prayojana…till the end.

Actually there is no end…

Over and over again:

Contemplating any Vraj-lélä…


Going home, separation — Sambandha
Bringing the sweets for Kåñëa — Abhidheya
Meeting Kåñëa at Pavana-sarovara — Prayojana

or Pradosha-lélä

Appointing and waiting at sanketa kunja — Sambandha
‘Contradictory’ interaction, approaching Kåñëa — Abhidheya
Union at night, ‘then Kåñëa will firmly embrace You’ — Prayojana

And thus they endlessly run after each other in the blissful realm of pure love…


Those ecstatic storms of loving moods in the ocean of prema that Mahäbhäva-svarüpä, Çrématé Rädhäräëé, has for Kåñëa, are the original Sambandha-Abhidheya-Prayojana.

In Rädhä-Kåñëa-lélä they are the mood of separation, recalling Kåñëa’s sweetness and pastimes, followed by intense action and endeavour to meet the utmost beloved, Kåñëa …and soon after is the union.

In this world where the jivas are separated not by lélä, but by käla-sakti, this spiritual reality comes as the knowledge of the Lord, soul and matter, and the process of bhakti and going back home.

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